Hi all,

I have been informed by the Council that the 01 September meeting will be in the education room at the Museum.  The Education room is just beside the main reception desk, some of us will remember using it in the past. We will enter in the normal way through the side door and if we get lost I am sure Museum staff will point us in the right direction.



Quote from Museum 

I know your meetings start back on 1 September 2017.   For the above date, we are having a museums at night event.  We’re giving it a Halloween theme and we will be opening to the public for a couple of hours, kid’s activities and maybe some star wars characters coming along as well as staff dressing up.  Just to let you know we will have to move your meeting that night to the education room.   All activities will be inside the museum as we are not opening the Observatory.  If your group want to join in on the night that would be great but if you just want to have your normal meeting that’s fine by us.  


It may be worth doing a few short 5 -10 min talks and letting people in to listen Let me know your thoughts.