#118 – April 2022 Part 2

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The Discussion:

  • Watching a SpaceX Starlink launch
  • Tales from this month’s AstroCamp star party
  • Jeni on the radio and TV again
  • A listener’s email on JWST’s first image.


The News:

  • NASA’s moon rocket finally undergoes testing for the Artemis 1 moon mission next month!
  • Rocket Lab attempt to catch a falling rocket booster with a helicopter
  • Further affects of the war in Ukraine to the spaceflight industry
  • Jeff Bezos buys every western rocket (that’s not owned by Musk) for the next 5 years

The news discussion: The Axiom-1 mission to the International Space Station


Nebulas: A look at the weird and wonderful nebulae that you can see through telescopes or use to understand the interstellar medium and star formation. This month we close this segment of the show with a focus on Dark Nebulas.

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