The X9.3 coronal mass ejection has arrived at Earth and boy does it pack a punch! While the M5.5 coronal mass ejection turned out to be a huge dissapointment, the X9.3 coronal mass ejection is much stronger than expected and we are seeing some of the strongest geomagnetic storming of the current solar cycle. Powered by WPeMaticoRead More →

Solar activity is once again at high levels. Sunspot region 2673 continues to be very active as it rotates towards the west limb. Today (thus far!) it managed to produce a couple of M-class solar flares and an X-class solar flare. Powered by WPeMaticoRead More →

While we were catching some much needed sleep, the coronal mass ejection from Monday’s M5.5 solar flare arrived at Earth. Our alert system detected the impact and send out a tweet and a push alert when the shock arrived at DSCOVR around 23:08 UTC. Powered by WPeMaticoRead More →

What a day! The strongest solar flare of solar cycle 24 erupted today at 12:02 UTC and of course it was sunspot region 2673 that took center stage. It was a memorable X9.33 solar flare (R3-strong radio blackout) which was highly eruptive as well. We have to go all the way back to 5 May 2015 to find the last time we had an X-class solar flare and it has been 12 years ago since we had a solar flare which was stronger than today’s X9.3 event! Not bad considering we are already in the declining phase of solar cycle 24! Powered by WPeMaticoRead More →

We admit! We have been ignoring sunspot region 2674 since it appeared on the solar disk a few days ago. It was a large sunspot region at the time with two massive sunspots. It however wasn’t all that complicated and there wasn’t much of a risk that it would produce a strong solar flare. That changed however during the past 12 hours or so. Keep on reading to find out what sparked our sudden interest in this sunspot region. Powered by WPeMaticoRead More →