#88 – October 2019 Part 2

#88 – October 2019 Part 2

The Discussion: As a reward for good behavior, we’ve dispensed with wittering on about us and gone straight into the news.


The News: Rounding up the space exploration news this month we have:

  • The last of the Delta IV mediums
  • India’s Vikram lunar lander failure
  • ESA move a satellite to avoid crashing with a SpaceX satellite
  • NASA award funding for a Lunar Gateway pathfinding cubesat
  • Australia & Japan commit to supporting NASA’s moonshot, Project Artemis
  • NASA place orders for the first of possibly 12 Orion moon capsules.

Main news stories: A roundup of Elon Musk’s Herculean benevolent/malevolent efforts to get giant phalluses on Mars.


The Debate: Court is in session for the fifth and final round of advocacy to get a winner from your top ten historic space missions. This month Judge Damien presides over arguments between the International Space Station and the Pioneer missions.


Q&A: With the news of a near collision between a SpaceX and an ESA satellite, does that mean more satellite collisions in the future? From our good friend Noah Kraus in Bremen Germany.

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