2021 Xmas Special

We defer our usual Xmas frivolity to go to NASA’s coverage of Elon Musk’s Penetrating Explorer Neo Insertion System rocket delivering NASA’s Advanced Solar System probe to Uranus and look back at the astronomy and space exploration highlights of 2021:

  • The first detection of an exoplanet in another galaxy, the first exomoon and the most abundant stars perhaps being habitable hosts
  • A great alignment of planets in the sky for backyard astronomers
  • NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter on Mars
  • The advances in China’s space programme
  • The seismic shift in American commercial spaceflight


We then look forward to the anticipated highlights of 2022:

  • For astronomers, the moon will be passing in front of planets and bright star Porrima
  • Artemis 1 should kickstart NASA’s return to the moon
  • SpaceX tests at Boca Chca should put of a show whatever the results


But remember y’all, Christmas is all about the children. And space. But mostly the children. Who are our future. In space. With children.

Awesome Astronomy
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