#121 – July 2022 Part 1

The Discussion:

  • More filming for the BBC
  • Longer days and shorter nights L
  • Showcasing amateur photography on noctilucent clouds
  • Listeners’ emails on
    • Less well known cultural names for Ursa Major
    • The current planetary alignment in the sky



The News:

Rounding up the astronomy news in April, we have:

  • The Milky Way once went through a massive rate of star formation
  • Solving the riddle of how Mars’ storms can be so big and violent
  • A new data release from the incredible Gaia space telescope
  • Solving the riddle of Barnard’s Loop

The big news story: A big boost in the search for life in the universe



The Sky Guide:

This month we’re taking a look at the constellation of Serpens with a guide to its history, how to find it, a couple of deep sky objects and a round-up of the solar system views on offer in July.




Will a black hole always look like a donut whichever direction you observe it from? From our good friend Mitch Sevier, presumed to be in the United States.

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