#119 – May 2022 Part 2

The Discussion:

  • Getting back in the studio
  • Watch us recording in our behind the scenes 10th Anniversary show
  • Inspiring children to think about careers in science
  • Listener’s emails about swearing in the podcast and .



The News:

  • Our favourite Welsh satellite space company, Space Forge
  • Rocket Lab’s attempt to catch a falling rocket booster with a helicopter
  • More JWST updates
  • Jeff Bezos buys every western rocket (that’s not owned by Musk) for the next 5 years
  • UK Space Energy initiative’s concept for a Bond villain style space-based solar power plant


The news discussion: The ongoing saga of Boeing’s Starliner spaceship



Q&A: Blue Origin have New Glenn and New Shepard rockets, named after American pioneers of spaceflight. Assuming that this isn’t going to just be the men, does this mean that in the future we can expect a rocket called “New Ride”? From our good friend Andy Burns in the UK.

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