#113 – November 2021 Part 2

The Discussion:

  • Jen as a space expert on BBC1’s Breakfast show
  • AweAst on YouTube is coming! Head over and help us out by subscribing here.
  • An email on the less than stellar working conditions at Blue Origin


The News:

  • The results of Astro2020 – the next decadal survey from the US National Academies of Sciences
  • NASA’s moon programme officially slips back a year
  • SpaceX’s 3rd crewed launch to the International Space Station
  • Heinz go all ‘Mark Watney’ with tomatoes.


The news discussion: Commercial plans to build TWO space stations before 2030.


Nebulas: Our new show segment replacing the concluded moons of the solar system. This month we’re turning our attention to the weird and wonderful nebulae that you can see through telescopes or use to understand the interstellar medium and star formation. In the coming months we’ll delve into each type of nebula.


Q&A: How many journeys would it take for all space tourists’ ejected faeces to coalesce into a single stool of such mass that its gravity would turn it to a rock of a size that posed enough of a threat to existence that an asteroid redirect-type intervention would be required? From our good friend Andrew Osborne in the UK.

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