#108 – June 2021 Part 2

The Discussion:

  • A new audio anomaly to get your investigative teeth into
  • Jeni moving from TV interviewee to presenter on the BBC
  • A look back at this month’s solar eclipse
  • Listeners’ emails about our sound quality and night time radio propagation


The News:

  • Blue Origin’s space tourism auction
  • New experiments launched to the ISS
  • NASA looking for extra cash for another lunar lander
  • 3 new missions to explore Venus
  • US DoD look at reusable rockets for military logistics
  • ESA’s large mission planning for the next decade


Moons of the Solar System: Our show segment exploring the discovery, exploration and our knowledge of the solar system’s moons. And we move onto Saturn’s 80 lesser explored moons


Q&A: ‘Once fully reusable Starships are complete, will all ground based observatories become obsolete?’ From our good friend Evan Slater.

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