#103 – January 2021 Part 2

The Discussion: If you like your introductions rambling, you’re in for a real treat! We discuss the Jeni’s PhD thesis submission, The Real Right Stuff documentary on Disney+, Jeni’s foray into book writing and read some listeners questions, which devolves into discussions of whether Queen Elizabeth is Elizabeth I in Canada, the colonisation of the New World, the entertainer Nosmo King and insurance fraud.

The News: Rounding up the space exploration news we have:

  • Puerto Rico stumps up funds to decommission and scope out a replacement for Arecibo
  • China opens up FAST Telescope access to other nations
  • Hyabusa 2 asteroid and Chang’e 5’s lunar samples
  • Progress update on the 3 Mars-bound missions & where to follow them
  • SpaceX accelerate Starship rocket production in Texas

Q&A: ‘How and where did the Awesome Astronomy team first meet?’ From our good friend Paul Weiler in Pennsylvania USA.

Awesome Astronomy
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