#120 – June 2022 Part 1

The Discussion:

  • You can now watch Jen presenting on BBC TV’s Weatherman Walking (from 06:40)
  • Walking, astronomy and animal abuse in the New Forest
  • NASA find the Awesome Astronomy bunker on Mars!
  • Listeners’ emails on
    • Obscure names for constellations
    • Podcast editorial suggestions
    • Sending us your astrophotography



The News:

Rounding up the astronomy news in April, we have:

  • A companion star that survived a supernova!
  • Galaxies that had their dark matter stripped away
  • Everything we thought we knew about galaxy evolution is wrong L
  • We were just buzzed by an asteroid a mile wide.

The big news story: Only an image of the black hole region at the centre of our galaxy!



The Sky Guide:

This month we’re taking a look at the constellation of Draco with a guide to its history, how to find it, a couple of deep sky objects and a round-up of the solar system views on offer in June.




What sites and activities could you recommend for disabled amateur astronomers? From our good friend Ash in Wales.

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