#82 Part 2 April 2019

#82 Part 2 April 2019

The Discussion: Hear Jen’s talk at Pint of Science on 20-22nd May in Cardiff, less than salubrious travel arrangements for science talks, a listener’s email from the Australian Tourist Board and keep sending us your suggestion for the best historic space mission.


The News: Rounding up the space exploration news this month we have:

  • India creates a new constellation in the sky
  • A new NASA asteroid mission in the planning
  • Plumes of material ejecting from asteroid Bennu
  • ESA’s next exoplanet space telescope is ‘go’.
  • Awaiting Beresheet’s impact on the moon
  • A permanent monument to humanity long after we’ve gone as a species

Main news story: NASA accelerate their human moon landing plans.


The Debate: Will commercial providers be the future of space flight endeavours or will the real leaps still continue to be made by huge government institutions like NASA, ESA, JAXA etc. Ralph & Paul do battle. Jen will be the judge!

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